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Personal data management

How we handle your personal data

We want you to feel safe with how Farmers First processes your personal data.

Farmers First has technical systems, rules and procedures to ensure that we process your personal data in accordance with the data protection regulation. All handling of your personal data must be legal and correct. When we collect data, we inform you about why we need your data, how we handle it and whether it is disseminated further. We do not collect more data than is necessary for the purpose. Your personal data is protected against accidental or intentional loss, destruction or damage or against unauthorized handling.

What is personal data?
Personal data is data that can in some way be linked to you as a person. For example, it could be your name, social security number or an IP address. But there are also photographs, films or sound recordings in which you participate and can be identified. It can also be property that can be linked to you as a person.

This is how we handle your personal data
Farmers First is the controller of personal data. We handle your data electronically and store it in accordance with what applies under the General Terms and Conditions for the Service and according to applicable laws. Farmers First only saves the information that you as a user enter yourself and that is needed to be able to deliver the Service. As a user, you choose yourself whether your data should be made available to third parties. See more about this in the Terms of Use. Farmers First neither sells nor shares data with any third parties.

Your rights
You can contact Farmers First to find out what information is stored about you. (It is the same information that you see when you are logged into the Service.) You also have the right to find out why we have saved the information and whether we have passed it on to third parties. (We won't pass them on, but you have a right to know.) You have the right to request correction or that we limit the handling of your data. In some cases, you also have the right to object or request the transfer or deletion of your personal data. You do this by contacting our customer service.

You can contact our customer service and request to have your personal data sent by post or e-mail. For your security, the information is only sent to your civil registry address or to the e-mail address registered by you in the Service. Security assessment is carried out before data is sent by e-mail.

Contact Us
You can reach Farmers First at You have the right to contact the Swedish Data Protection Authority with a report if you think we are handling your personal data incorrectly. Link to the Integration Authority below