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Terms for machinery purchases

Machine purchase

Effective from 2023-11-30 and until further notice.

Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Machinery
Farmers First is a member of the Machine Suppliers' industry organization. Our membership means that we adhere to the terms and conditions described in Lantbruk 16.

Warranty for Machinery Purchases
Farmers First generally offers a 12-month warranty unless otherwise stated.

Ordering Machinery
After the customer has selected a machine and provided the requested information, the customer orders the machine by accepting the purchase terms, placing the order, and identifying themselves with Bank ID. An email regarding the order request is then sent. Farmers First subsequently sends the request to the manufacturer, Service Partner, and, if applicable, the financing company. Farmers First then contacts the customer with an order confirmation to be signed. If necessary, the order can be adjusted. After the signed order, the customer receives an invoice for 10% of the total amount.

Payment for Machinery Purchases
Following the signed machine order, the customer is invoiced 10% of the total amount as a deposit unless otherwise agreed upon. The remaining 90% of the amount is invoiced upon the delivery of the machine. Invoices must be paid within 30 days from the invoice date.

Contact us for more information or email, and we will assist you.