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Where can I buy spare parts?

Spare parts are available both digitally on our platform with the option of home delivery and through our network of service providers who can order and keep them in stock. We have both original spare parts for our machines that you can easily find using exploded diagrams and, for example, alternative spare parts for your tractor.

We have stock at the manufacturer's

Why should you order directly from the supplier? Well, in most cases, it is just as fast as, or even faster than, taking the time to drive to the nearest spare parts warehouse, which may not have the exact spare part you are looking for in stock. Plus, it's more environmentally friendly! Of course, you can also contact us for advice on spare parts by phone and email, or contact your local service provider.

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Do you want to know more?

We are here to answer your questions! Contact us via, alternatively via our booking page where you can get a deeper overview of the machine over a video call by a product specialist.

Welcome to contact us!