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Press Release

INFINICUT® Precision for Golf

INFINICUT® precision for golf courses: BTME 2023 provided the perfect launch platform for the brand-new 22" golf-dedicated cutting unit from INFINICUT® - Designed to meet the demands of the modern greenkeeper.
The new mower incorporates many of the features that have become synonymous with the INFINICUT® range, and in addition, it has been equipped with a redesigned yoke, making it the most well-balanced mower on the market, all to achieve low and precise cutting heights. Furthermore, the new yoke ensures maintained balance when using brushes and groomers.

The INFINICUT® 22" cutting unit has been designed to meet the increasingly specific requirements for golf course maintenance, promising even greater precision.Combined with the INFINICUT® floating head mowers, the new cutting unit creates an unbeatable combination for consistent cutting results and contour-following capability.

The new cutting unit from INFINICUT® (known for adjustability and customization options) retains the "color-coding system" for angle settings and BCD adjustment systems (with 0.1 mm increments). However, the new units also come with additional features such as quick and easy disassembly of the bottom blades for simple servicing, sharpening, and maintenance.

With a focus on the quality of the finish, the cutting unit is equipped with INFINICUT's SMARTCut™ cylinders, locally manufactured using Bor* (a semi-metal) sourced in the UK and dynamically balanced for precision and accuracy. The new cutting unit can, of course, be equipped with a selection of brushes and groomers. Additionally, everything is fully compatible with the INFINI-App for wireless adjustment and control.

*Bor is used in steel alloys to make them harder and designed to withstand large temperature variations during manufacturing.

As a comment at the launch, Sales Manager Vinny Tarbox said, "This is a truly exciting addition to the INFINICUT® range and reflects our ambitions in the golf sector. We have put this cutting unit through various tests over the past 12 months, and the precise precision and superior performance of this cutting unit have not gone unnoticed, resulting in orders already from a number of prestigious clubs. Following the great interest in the cutting unit at the BTME booth, we are now looking forward to showcasing it to all our customers."