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The maintenance service

Great value in managing maintenance

Preventive machine maintenance creates opportunities for more efficient and profitable operations. In order for the machines to work better, it is important to carry out maintenance measures at the right time and in the right way. It then becomes possible to keep track of maintenance and save money by avoiding costly repairs and downtime. Here you can see how we calculated it.
With 20 machines in operation, the maintenance measures quickly become a thousand unique steps to keep track of. It will be difficult, even if you use excel. For each machine, there are measures to be taken each time the machine is used, after perhaps 10, 50 or 500 operating hours, weekly, by season and/or annually. Keeping track of all these measures, when they should be done, the instructions for not missing a grease nipple, for example, and documenting that the measures have been taken is almost impossible without good system support.

Farmers First Maintenance is a service that makes it possible to set up a maintenance plan that is suitable for a specific machine's area of ​​use, to upload instructions for each operation, collect manuals and instructions digitally and share messages between drivers. The maintenance service keeps track of when it is time for the maintenance operation, makes it easy to carry out, and when it is logged, a service book is created that proves what has been done.

for entrepreneurs

Introductory offer

We are now offering farmers, machine stations and contracting companies the opportunity to experience the benefits of Farmers First and test the maintenance service free of charge throughout 2023!

After that, you only pay SEK 10 per month (excluding VAT) per tool or machine in 2023. The number of units that you have registered in Farmers First on the 25th of each month is the basis for the billing basis for the following month. Your devices are billed monthly in advance.

Welcome to Farmers First!

Introductory offer