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Skarhults Gods

- This system will make it much easier for us.

At Skarhults Gods outside Eslöv in Skåne, more than half of the agriculture is run organically, and in addition to traditional Scanian plant cultivation, there are also organic potatoes and organic carrots on the business' 1,000 hectares. Operations Manager Christian Andersen sees a great opportunity in using Farmers First Maintenance Service to increase profitability within the business and create clear structures for machine maintenance.
Skarhults Gods Christian - With all machines and tools included in the maintenance service, it would be much easier for us to see machine status. We will have better routines and keep track of all maintenance performed when everyone uses Farmers First, says Christian Andersen.

Marwin Thelander says that preventive maintenance and the ability to easily find information saves time, the time that might not otherwise be available during the season. When a machine or implement stops due to breakdowns, the entire machine chain often stops as a result.
- This system will make it much easier for us in our everyday work. We will have a lower risk of accidents and downtime and then also avoid unnecessary adversity. It's not fun to have to start a season repairing the machines when everything is going to roll, says Gustav Gunnarsson who is workshop manager at Skarhults Gods.

They also say that they see the value in maintaining maintenance in order to be able to maintain the value of their machines and tools over a longer period of time. They also use Farmers First to be able to document the mistakes that have occurred and need to be rectified after the season so that they do not have to keep everything in mind.

- It is always a challenge to change routines and behavior, but we involve our employees in this change and we have started to put in a couple of machines and tools, says Christian Andersen.
Skarhults Gods Marwin
Skarhults Gods Gustav
The company's wheel loader, which is used extensively, is one of the machines that has received a maintenance plan in Farmers First. The weekly review of it takes 10 minutes to do, which in relation to a downtime is much more efficient, Gustav Gunnarsson thinks. It is also easy to produce a maintenance plan at the same time as the machine or implement still needs service and you have to flip through the instruction manual.

Once the maintenance plan is in place, it is good to be able to check what is to be done and know that you have done what is to be done to reduce the risk of accidents and downtime.