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SKY EasyDrill

A combi and direct seeding machine with almost 40 years of intense research and development behind it. 


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A versatile seed drill

The EasyDrill is a very flexible machine that can be adapted to the conditions. In the standard version, the EasyDrillen can sow directly in uncultivated soil, with minimal tillage or in conventionally cultivated soil. As an option, it can sow different crops in rows or with large row spacings in row cultivation. With this seeding machine, the method of production can be developed and it is possible to be flexible with the cultivation conditions.


The key to precision!

The Easy Drill has the same coulter system as a beetroot seed drill: A front wheel and a back wheel control the drilling depth. The placement of the seed is very regular. With the Easy Drill, you can switch to direct drilling without compromising the placement quality.

Available until 4 hoppers

In a single pass, the Easy Drill is able to seed 4 products, at 4 different rates, and dissociating 2 different seeding depht, on all rows or one row out of two, two rows out of three. The Easy Drill could fertilizer in the furrow, or plant two products in the same seeding line.

EasyDrill with E-Drive Premium add-on

When drilling with the EasyDrill and the E-drive Premium add-on, each drill can be controlled individually. This means that the distance between the wound rows becomes selectable when each wound row can be closed or opened individually. This system makes it easier to make driving tracks completely adapted to your and the field's needs. With the two extra containers PRO I and II, you can also handle up to four different varieties with individual output. EasyDrill is a combi machine as standard, with the possibility of sowing and placing fertilizer at different depths - regardless of which options you have.

The black lines in the picture mean that the car is closed, while the green shows that it is open. The top row is the seed beetles and the bottom row is the fertilizer beetles.


Adjust the seeding depth

The EasyDrill is designed to avoid planar heavy machining. Minimized surface cultivation is positive for both soil health and production economics. Therefore, the EasyDrillen has been developed to only work the soil down to the seeding depth and protect old root systems and worm passages. In the long term, both the soil's ability to manage water, gas exchange and carbon storage will improve.


Adapt the pressure level to your needs

Beware, pressure is essential in dry conditions but it becomes disabling as soon as it rains. For this reason, the Easy Drill can modulate its pressure level from 0 to 250Kg. Depending on seeding conditions, you can increase the pressure on the press wheel, the front wheel or the drilling disc. This hydraulic setting is progressive. Under wet conditions, transfer the weight on the front. However, in dry rape seeding conditions, increase the pressure of the rear cast iron wheels.

metering unit

A precise metering unit

The Easy Drill has a stainless steel metering mechanisms very precise : from 1 to 450 Kg/Ha to 10 km/h in wheat. Calibration test is automatized and needless to change flutes when using different seed.


Fast emptying of hoppers

With a 2 parts folding, you can empty the hoppers in a big bag : a real time saving!

Air circuits

2 separated air circuits

To sow several products with different rates, the Easy Drill is able to set different air pressure into circuits.

> No sorting between a small seed and a big seed
> No risk of blocking between the fertiliser and the seed > Management of two different depths
> No risk of shoot burn with certain fertilisers
> If the fertiliser clogs, the seed keeps on flowing

3-meter machine

A mechanical distribution

In this range, there are also mechanical distribution drills, for 3m and fixed 4m models. The compartmentalized hopper allows sowing until 3 several products, at 3 different doses, by dissociating 2 seeding depht. This drill is eqquiped with a peg-wheel metering for small et larde seeds, and a helical stainless steel for fertilisers and seeds. The Easy Drill has a bottom flap, that allows a complete emptying of the hopper.

Technical data


Why should you choose the EasyDrill?

In this video you can learn more about the benefits with the EasyDrill.